Jewelry Cleaning and Care

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver naturally tarnishes over time, especially if not being worn. Exposure to moisture (such as sweat and humidity) will cause sterling to tarnish. This is easily removable with a jewelry polishing cloth. Take off your jewelry at night and give it a quick wipe with a jewelry polishing cloth before storing it. Sterling silver can also be cleaned using a toothbrush with mild dish soap in warm soapy water. Then dry it off and follow up with a polishing cloth. This will bring back the beautiful shine.



Like sterling silver, brass also naturally tarnishes over time, though it can tarnish at a quicker rate. Brass can be left in its natural tarnished state for a beautiful rustic look. If you prefer the look of shiny gold brass, you can easily clean tarnish from brass just like sterling silver. Simply use a jewelry polishing cloth, or wash with warm water and mild dish soap using a toothbrush, then follow up with a polishing cloth.


14K Gold Filled

Gold filled jewelry is a solid layer of gold bonded to a base metal. It is much better than gold plated in that the layer of gold is much thicker than gold plated jewelry. Gold filled jewelry is tarnish resistant and a perfect affordable alternative to solid gold. Use a chemical free jewelry polishing cloth to shine up gold filled as needed.


All Jewelry
Moisture causes jewelry to tarnish or stones can become dull or discolored.


When not wearing, store your jewelry in a dry place, preferably in a jewelry box or in sealed bags.


Remove jewelry before sleeping, showering, swimming, exercising, washing your hands, or doing dishes - you generally want to avoid anything that will introduce water or moisture to your jewelry.


Avoid lotions and chemicals on your jewelry. Remove jewelry before putting on lotion.

Keep a cute little trinket tray by kitchen and bathroom sinks to put your rings in while washing hands.

Stones can be fragile. Avoid wearing your jewelry when exercising/vigorous activity.

Your jewelry can last a lifetime with the proper care!


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